Monday, November 8, 2010

The Best Christmas Presents For The Dog Lovers (or Dogs) On Your List

Dog Lovers are always looking for a way to make their dogs happy and content.

And if the dog lover also wants to stop dog chewing that is destructive,
the best christmas presents to buy are
GOUGHNUTS - They're Guaranteed!

These chew toys come in 6 different varieties, are virtually indestructible, and are GUARANTEED! If your dog is able to chew through to the red area, you call the manufacturer ASAP for a replacement. Black Goughnuts are stronger than green ones and are for extreme chewers.

The selections are as follows (mouse over each item for details):
GoughNut Green .75
Goughnuts green
GoughNut Black
GoughNut Stick Green
GoughNut Stick Black

The Best Christmas Presents For Dog Lovers -
BUY Goughnuts!

Dog Lovers Can
Stop dog chewing for good!

In this video, Alvin The Terrible guards his goughnuts from his bro (offscreen). This video will you an idea of the size of the GoughNut Green .75 - he's a 23-lb "small dog."

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