Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Best Christmas Presents For Women Over 50 Who Need To Lose Weight

If your Mom, sister, girl friend, or spouse is overweight - you may consider buying her the key to the sure-fire and scientific way to lose weight.

That could be a gym membership, or a gift card for a personal trainer, or more specifically - the knowledge that will help the recipient get healthy.

Yup - recent science is proving that strength training busts all the old beliefs about weight loss. Restricting calories and doing aerobics doesn't work. Aerobics is a step in the right direction, but calorie restriction SLOWS down metabolism and obviously that's counterproductive to weight loss.

Strength training has also proven to increase metabolism. The double whammy of eating right (not calorie restriction) and strength training MELTS off weight.

Give your favorite female over 50 a new outlook, an improved body image, and the strength to move into senior citizenship with renewed vitality!

Give them these books:

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And send them to Weight Training For Women Over 50 for details.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Christmas Present For Dog Lovers - Create a Custom Online Photo Calendar

Recently, I used to create a custom online photo calendar for a birthday present. The recipient absolutely loved the calendar.

But a custom calendar also will make the best Christmas present ever!

Wanna know how? Click here to my squidoo lens to make your custom calendar.

And in case you feel like making a calendar to sell like my calendar Cockapoo Dogs, you can use the same steps in the squidoo lens to build an online calendar to sell!

Here's the Cockapoo Dogs calendar:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CR Best Buy: The Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader Rates Higher Than An Amazon Kindle!

According to recent Customer Report ratings, the $140 the Barnes And Noble Nook Simple Touch Readericon beats several Amazon Kindles sized and priced simialarly or higher.

This Christmas season, the Barnes And Noble Nook Simple Touch Readericon may just outdistance the Kindle!

And WHY might that happen?

In the words of an Amazon reviewer,
The device itself is amazing . . .
-great TOUCHSCREEN interface
-perfect reading screen
-clean looking design, small because there is no keyboard to make it bigger and it's smaller than the original Nook
-reads formats natively that the Kindle won't
-read all the ebooks you want in B&N stores for free
-library checkouts are easy
-press and hold on a word to get its definition
-highlight and take notes in a book easily

But that's not all the Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch Reader can do!

You can read Kindle books with the Nook!

Wow! Opens up ENDLESS possibilities!

Order Your Nook Gifts Now!
Just Click The Pic Below!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Brother All In One Wireless Printer - A Smart (And Cheap) Purchase

Just because Christmas has come and gone, it does NOT mean I stopped being a good consumer!

I had to get a new printer because the old one crapped out. I wanted an all in one printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner.


And with cheap ink (replace the colors that are empty, not the entire cartridge).

And easy to set up!

And for less than $100.

The answer turns out to be this neat Brother All In OneWireless Printer. It fits the bill exactly. Mouse over the link for details.

See my review here: