Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Best Christmas Presents For Women Over 50 Who Need To Lose Weight

If your Mom, sister, girl friend, or spouse is overweight - you may consider buying her the key to the sure-fire and scientific way to lose weight.

That could be a gym membership, or a gift card for a personal trainer, or more specifically - the knowledge that will help the recipient get healthy.

Yup - recent science is proving that strength training busts all the old beliefs about weight loss. Restricting calories and doing aerobics doesn't work. Aerobics is a step in the right direction, but calorie restriction SLOWS down metabolism and obviously that's counterproductive to weight loss.

Strength training has also proven to increase metabolism. The double whammy of eating right (not calorie restriction) and strength training MELTS off weight.

Give your favorite female over 50 a new outlook, an improved body image, and the strength to move into senior citizenship with renewed vitality!

Give them these books:

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And send them to Weight Training For Women Over 50 for details.

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  1. Nice post you have there..maybe I'm gonna give my 183 lbs. a free gift ticket fitness program in my gym.